Raber Packing Co
1413 N Raber Rd
Peoria, IL 61604

Phone: (309) 673-0721 or (800) 331-0545
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Custom Processing

For your freezer directly from local farms, Rabers offers custom slaughtering and processing of beef, pork, lamb or goat. Rabers is licensed to receive live animals for slaughter and processing, under inspection, by Agricultural Department Personnel. Rabers was issued the ninth license. Rabers is the oldest operating plant under state inspection in Illinois. Rabers offers processing of seasonal wild game as well. Custom slaughtering is available by appointment only.
You can buy directly from a farmer and have it brought to Rabers or buy straight from us. We will cut, wrap and freeze to your specifications along with curing and hickory smoking the hams and bacon. For the beef, you choose how thick you want your steaks cut, bone-in or boneless, and how many to a package, what size you want your roasts and how much ground beef or patties to a package. For the pork, choose the same as beef in addition to selecting your sausage options. We use a freezer grade shrink film that allows you to see the product and pack into cartons ready for you to pick up. Custom orders take approximately two to three weeks. Additionally, we regularly stock a variety of beef quarters ready for immediate pick-up if you prefer.
Wild game processing includes skinning, cutting, wrapping and freezing. We also make over twenty-five cooked products including salami, salami with cheese, sticks, polish, and brats from part or all of your game. We cure and hickory smoke hinds, wild turkeys, ducks, geese and fish too.
Dave says, "I bought a half hog a while back, cooked a ham for Christmas Best ham ever Thanks."