Today it is a little chilly out... 

But, Hein Construction has been getting the dirt moved around.  The picture below is the retention pond on the south side of the property.  They have got some work done this week, and said that they will be working pretty from here on out depending on rain.  They may have a few rain days, but it should not slow them down to much.  


Hein said we will start bringing in more dirt this week.  I think they will be able dirt pretty quick this week.  The weather looks pretty decent this week.  Hopefully the rain stays away and they can get quite a bit done.

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Well we did not get much accomplished on our new site this week.  We got some rain on Sunday and it pretty much kept the site to wet all week long. 


The temperatures are getting up, but the rain does not look like it is going to stay away long enough periods of time next week.  We will just have to see how it goes.  We have made some trips to Galesburg picking up equipment from a meat market that quit selling retail.  We bought quite a few pieces of

It has been a long time a coming...

This is the first time and not the last you can read about Raber's and what is going on.  You can access this page by using

We have been slowly chipping away at the checklist of things we have to complete to get this place up and going. Everyone told me I was never going to be open when I wanted and that everything would take longer than expected.  And, they were all right.  I had no idea.  I did not realize it would take so long to buy property and relocate. I do not second guess that decision.  This new site should accomodate us for another 65 years.  This is a picture of the new site which many of you have probably drove past.

raber dirt

Please check back as I'll try to keep this updated every week...

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